Spaces expand or disappear. Oceans become deserts. Rock erodes to sand and dust. Humans, with their short lifespans, hardly notice the environmental changes time scrawls across the earth. We are constantly moving from one place to another, fleeing hunger, war or the forces of nature, but also driven by a sense of longing that pulls us forward. AT THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA traces forms of migration, interweaving them with geological and archaeological cartographies.

At the bottom of the Sea
At the bottom of the Sea
At the bottom of the Sea
At the bottom of the Sea

D 2020, HD, 1:2,39, color, surround, 49 minutes

  • script, direction, camera, montage

  • Karsten Krause

  • script, sound recording

  • Dan Boehl

  • music

  • Brian Willey, The Black Drumset

  • sound design, sound mix

  • Jakob Spengemann

  • colors

  • Tim Liebe

  • dramaturgical advice

  • Birgit Glombitza

  • graphics

  • Steffen Goldkamp

  • produced by

  • fünferfilm

  • supported by

  • FFA Filmförderanstalt, Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, German Films

  • screenings

  • International Film Festival Rotterdam (world premiere)
    Dokfilmwoche Hamburg
    Imagine Science Film Festival
    Nordische Filmtage Lübeck